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Super-8, color, silent, 21 min.

© 1972 Andy Moore

A document of the demolition of the Richard Neutra-designed 1935 home of director Josef von Sternberg and Marlene Dietrich, later owned by Ayn Rand and rented by Ruth Beebe Hill and family. It was located at 10000 Tampa Ave. in Northridge, CA. I was the Hills' neighbor, friend and part-time groundskeeper/caretaker. I shot this film when I was 15. Too bad that the curved wall around the huge front patio (with its misting/raining surround system) was already demolished when I started shooting. My 7th birthday party was on that patio! I still have one of the huge floodlights that was mounted on the house.

This footage is copyright 1972 by Andy Moore. Licenses to exhibit, copy or otherwise utilize this material are available. Unauthorized use of this material is against federal law.


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