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Andy’s Videos

Ocotillo Time

Kashmir Revolution 9

Our First Monsoon in Tucson

Javelinas in the backyard.

Titan Missile Museum, Tucson, AZ

Gates Pass Sunset, Tucson, Dec. 2018

Via Mallorca Sunset Timelapse, Tucson, Oct. 2018

Burial, Eugene Oct, 2018

Shadow On Surging Surf In Santa Cruz

Yellow Strands, Austin, TX

Spider And Bar Light, 2008

Museum Walk, Paris

Senseless Balloon Massacre

False Alarm, San Jose, CA

Cloud Moving Behind Brick Building in Camden, NJ, 2008

TSR Meadow-Mowing, May 2018

Berlin Scrap Metal Barge

Michael Wallin, Filmmaker And Friend

Sparks in Concert, Apr. 10, 2013, when Ron Mael did his traditional shuffle dance during "Beat The Clock"

Zippin' On Down The Line, 2010

Zippin' on down the line,
Zippin' through the Redwoods and pine.
Man I'm a-feelin' fine,
Hope that I don't land on my heinieeee.

Whippin' on down the wire,
Man I tell you I'm on fire.
Don't you go and call me a liar.
Come on now and listen to my choir!

Zippin, zippin, zippin on down the line.
Zippin, dippin, don't you give me no lip an'
I'm zippin on down, on down the line.

Here we go one more time,
Travelin' like Tarzan on a vine.
One more time before we dine,
And we're havin' a wonderful time...

Zippin, zippin, zippin on down the line!
Zippin, zippin, zippin through the redwoods ---
the redwoods and the pine

Zip zip zip zipline
Zip zip zip zipline....

Salesforce Tower / Eye of Sauron, May 2017

65-foot pine tree being cut down, Potrero Hill, Dec. 2015

Brad Rose playing his accordion, Utah Street, San Francisco, mid-1980's.